Biography. Tom's life has always been one of an 'entertainer,' gaining him the dubious notoriety of being the class 'goof-off' in school, but delighting his fellow students in the process. In high school drama classes, he played simple parts, usually comedic, but it was also there that he began to touch upon drama as an alternative acting form. Tom didn't really turn his energy back towards his love of entertainment through acting until after pursuing careers as: a small engine mechanic, PCB designer, mechanical designer/engineer, EMT/Paramedic, horologist, weapons designer, gunsmith, tactical firearms trainer, hunting guide, travel writer, photographer, race car mechanic/crew chief, diesel engine mechanic/classic Mercedes restoration specialist, biodiesel engineer, sailboat maintenance mechanic, machinist, competition shooter, project manager/director, and a few other paid occupations. Tom enjoys both the stage and film work, each of which have their own unique joys and pitfalls. He has shown an ability to portray vastly different characters and enjoys the demonstration of emotion and character changes when roles allow him to do so. Tom is currently working with "Clusters" film school as a consultant and as an actor in a pre-production film on-location overseas (varied locations), and as an independent director, script writer and producer on various projects, but offers his talents for non-profits, student films, commercials and any opportunity that allows his creativity to flourish.

Tom's "Snippet" Reel

A limited collection of TR Judd's acting work.

TR Judd's "Long Reel"

Extended Samples of TR Judd's acting work.