Photo/Cinematographers Biography Tom began photography as a youth, photographing in his scout troop, including filming (8mm film-stock) snow trips in the Sierra's. In 1981 he scraped together the cash for a Canon F1 35mm professional film camera. During the 1980's, he had part-time jobs shooting landscapes and sports events, including photography and filming (video) weddings for friends. His cinematography career really started after he had spent some amount of time in front of the camera as an actor, learning the ins and outs of filmmaking from all sides. Starting with the original movement of using a DSLR for film, his skill comes naturally, as far as equipment, as his film cameras were always fully manual. Tom now shoots everything from documentaries to feature films on a DSLR with supporting equipment. He has an exceptionally keen eye and is very detail-oriented. Tom is an "equipment-head," using his experience as a machinist and mechanic to tinker with and create new ways of using the DSLR in filmmaking (see below for a short reel of Tom's cinematography work). Tom is currently working with "Clusters" film school in India as a consultant, and as an actor in a pre-production film on-location overseas. He also works as an independent director, script writer, and producer on various projects around the globe.

A glimpse of TR Judd's Photography through the years (both film/digital)